Media Security

Media Security

Media Security

What We Do

The Problem

On average, every five days a journalist is killed for bringing information to the public. Attacks on media professionals are often perpetrated by organised crime groups, militia, security personnel, and even local police, making local journalists among the most vulnerable. These attacks include murder, abductions, harassment, intimidation, illegal arrest, and arbitrary detention.

The Solution

GM Risk Group is the foremost media security and logistics provider in the world because we provide media training to our staff. Training such as camera operation, set-up of SNGs, set-up of fly-away satellites, LiveU operation and production basics.


This training allows our staff to understand client requirements and balance their aims with our own aims of providing security and production logistics.

Delivering Results

GM Risk Group staff have deployed to every conflict and disaster zone within the last ten years. Our team draw on this experience when accompanying our clients into high-risk environments.
Our intelligence-led approach allows us to develop a solution which is tailored to our client’s needs.

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