Global Logistics

Global Logistics

GM Risk Group specialize in the provision of global logistics to government clients and the private sector. We utilize our global fluency and international presence to provide optimized services of all compositions to locations around the world, simplifying supply chain management and minimizing costs.

Due to GM Risk Group’s experience in every developing country and natural disaster vulnerable region on earth and our extensive network of vetted local national contacts we can facilitate logistics across all elements of supply including;

  • Transportation; including armored vehicles.
  • Location assessments and location scouting.
  • Protective equipment such as body armor, helmets, and gas masks.
  • Local manpower.
  • Visa assistance, permits, and invitation letters.
  • Vetted fixers and translators.
  • Perishables such as food, water, fuel and batteries.
  • Secure Accommodation.
  • Communications.
  • Technical support.
  • Project and program management.

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