Fortified Integration Solutions

Secured Luxury

Providing World-Class Integrated Security Solutions

Fortified Integration Solutions

Secured Luxury - Providing World-Class Integrated Security Solutions

Secured Luxury

High profile individuals and their associates consider security and privacy features when selecting their private or commercial properties.

There are unique security requirements for any establishment seeking to attract high calibre clientele. The security needs of
these clients often exceed the luxury features offered by traditional establishments, and therefore measures must be
considered to appeal, and cater to the client’s needs.

We at GM Risk Group have an extensive track record in working and travelling with high calibre clients, and we frequently serve as consultants to their security teams recommending properties suitable for their short and long-term residence. We know the intricate security details and what it takes to ensure your property exceeds those standards and make your property the establishment of choice.


Consultation to review the scope of the project and identify core objectives.


Perform vulnerability assessment around design, infrastructure, systems and functionality.


Develop and implement control measures and integrated solutions to achieve core objectives.


Review and assess vulnerabilities after Fortified Integration Solutions have been applied.

New-Build Establishment

If you are planning to build or in the process of developing a new property, you have the significant advantage to ensure your new property meets the security needs and luxury standards of your target audience.

We assist you from the very beginning to proactively plan and ensure your property integrates a robust security solution by liaising directly with your architects. The engagement of Fortified Integration Solutions at this stage of planning can save you time, money and exceed the standards of your competitors. This is done by looking at options like driveway angles, well-designed bollards, strategically located VIP elevators, safe rooms and many other features that are best implemented at the design stages.

Existing Establishment

We will begin by completing a comprehensive risk assessment of your property to identify all potential vulnerabilities.

Based on our assessment we will provide you with recommendations on how to heighten the level of security, through to systems upgrades, processes and where needed the ongoing training of staff.

Our recommendations ensure a robust security infrastructure that compliments the luxury appeal of your property.

Please contact us to discuss the options for your specific project.

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