Business Resilience & Crisis Management

In the current fluctuating business landscape, leaders need to be prepared for the threats they face, know their vulnerabilities, and the impacts on their organisation should those vulnerabilities be exploited. Unexpected events, from market upheavals to cybersecurity breaches, are occurring with increasing regularity.

To respond effectively and leverage opportunities businesses must have a resilience and crisis management strategy. A strategy that creates value and minimises the risks of injury to staff, reduced revenues, and damage to a company’s brand and reputation.

What We Do

How We Help

GM Risk Group assists its clients in

  • minimising financial loss and disruption to operations
  • mitigating exposure to risk
  • protecting their assets and human capital
  • communicating during a crisis
  • preventing brand damage

Our Services

  • penetration testing
  • business resilience assessment
  • business impact analysis
  • development of business continuity plans
  • business continuity and crisis management training and awareness programs
  • crisis response teams

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