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News and Documentary Production

Media security and logistics is an interesting and ever-evolving field to be involved in. News and documentary teams are constantly pushing the boundaries in brilliantly artistic and engaging ways. Drone technology has also enhanced the ability of cameramen to acquire...

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Startups may ignore cyber security at their own peril

Cyber attacks on start-ups may fly under the radar in the media, but they can be just as devastating as any assault on a high-end firm.  Earlier this year, I met a start-up founder affected by ransomware — a malicious virus that locks up and encrypts a company’s data....

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HEAT Course Wrap Up

Global Media Risk has just wrapped up another successful Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) course for our clients in San Diego. The following video is one of the final scenarios that course participants face, all while live fire is occurring in the...

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Global Media Risk on the ground in Tijuana

Tijuana's Police Chief resigns after a story by Jean Guerrero from KPBS and PBS NewsHour on the city's migrant strategy. Global Media Risk was on the ground with the team for the duration and assisted in gaining the access for this groundbreaking new...

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Australia’s Jihadis

MORE than half of Islamic State’s recruits are foreigners, and they’ve got one thing in common. They don’t know much about Islam. Most are recent Islamic converts with minimal connection to Syria or Iraq. Another common denominator is their search for a meaningful...

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Hostile Environment Awareness Training Singapore

Global Media Risk is now conducting our Hostile Environment Awareness Training (HEAT) courses in Singapore in conjunction with AV 8 Media. The HEAT course is designed for media staff, security personnel and travellers deploying to third world countries or high risk...

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