Market leader in risk management, logistics, cyber security, training, integrated security solutions and corporate intelligence.


Market leader in risk management, logistics, cyber security, training, and corporate intelligence.


Cyber Security

Innovative and comprehensive cyber security services designed for Australian Industry with a focus on Small to Medium Businesses (SMBs).

Media Security

International media security and safety services for all facets of media from broadcast media to major film productions.

Business Resilience

GM Risk Group provides bespoke training and advice on improving client’s ability to be resilient in the face of challenges and threats. This can include a detailed analysis of the vulnerabilities specific to the client’s operations, and recommended mitigations.

Specialist Training

Specialized training, products, and resources provided to a broad range of stakeholders on issues such as armed offenders, incident response, and workplace violence

Global Corporate Intelligence

Collecting and analysing intelligence that enables clients to better understand their business environment and enhance their ability to identify business risks and opportunities.

Fortified Integration Solutions

Leveraging off years of global experience supporting high-profile and high net worth clientele, GM Risk Group provides integrated property fortification solutions; from architectural and systems design to saferoom installations and creation of emergency procedures

Global Logistics & Travel Management

Utilizing our global fluency and international presence to provide optimized logistics of all compositions to locations around the world, simplifying supply chain management and minimizing costs.

D-U-N-S 080038823

NATO Approved Vendor      CAGE: Upon Request

EU Registered Supplier

Australian Government

Australian Government Registered Supplier


Alex provided crucial training and consultancy for hostile environment reporting I did for KPBS. The TV and radio stories he helped with won multiple San Diego Press Club awards and were picked up by NPR and PBS NewsHour. For those stories, Alex joined me on several reporting trips to the tunnels that branch from the Tijuana River canal, a high-risk environment sometimes used by criminal organizations. Thanks to his support, I was able to capture scenes that might have been impossible otherwise. He also provided essential Hostile Environment Awareness Training, covering topics ranging from risk assessments to self defense and first aid, preparing me for a story that involved hiking through some of the deadliest smuggling routes at the U.S.-Mexico border.

Jean Guerre

Journalist, KPBS

GM Risk Group is Seven West Media’s high threat security partner of choice. Flexible, discreet and elite, Shannon and his team get our crews to where they need to. Moreover, they all fully understand the vagaries of news gathering and documentary making, playing vital roles in its production. When Seven needs to go forward whilst others are retreating, GM Risk Group will find the path.

Charlie O'Connell

General Manager Risk, Seven West Media

I highly recommend GMRG and the service they provide. We work with enterprise level clients in Australia, the US and the UK, including major chains, resorts and casinos, so we’ve always run our own very extensive internal testing. We’ve also regularly had outside companies run penetration testing. What was fantastic about GMRG is that they were able to run a very comprehensive suite of tests themselves, where in the past to get full coverage we’d had to get several different companies to test different aspects. What that meant was that GMRG actually found a couple of security flaws that had been slipping through the cracks between the other tests.

Dominic Bressan

CEO, Airservice

It’s the second year we have worked with GM Risk Group on the Aurora Prize project. We’ve been to quite a few desperate places together. Again, in our second year I want to thank you and your crew for this experience. I’d love to have all my film crews with you guys – accurate, smart, calm, and fit. What we appreciate most is your logistics expertise and communication skills. That’s the proper way to conduct production management.

Sergey Yahontov

Executive Producer, Stereotactic Russia

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